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VCP 3.7.9 ready for download:

- OCF "Disabling ESP" supports now : ESP 8.2 from Polo Family (requested by one company which prepares cars for motorsport) and new MQB MK100 ESP control units with new security (requested by customers from Finland)
- WABCO Programmer (Audi Air Suspension Programmer) supports now ATE/Continental Control Units installed in Audi A8 4E. You can now set the hights of your A8 4E in all modes (Normal,Sport,Lift) within few seconds. BIG thanks to Harry/Austria for testing on real cars!
- You can now push to AutoScanner ECUs detected by GatewayList -> Video 
- new Feature: MultiFlasher -> Video
- some bugfixing

With multiflasher you can set up the "flash jobs", which will be executed one-by-one. Helpful when doing parallel updates of radio,gateway,instruments etc.

As usual many interesting zdc files were uploaded to filemanager

NEWS DATA: 25-01-2015, 18:28

VCP 3.7.8 ready for download:

- Once again ODX update (new ECU variants)
- OCF "DPF Emergency Regeneration" supports  now 4.2 TDI dual-ECU engines
- improvements in Flasher - better handling large blocks, support for CAN muting during Flash programming
- new OCF "Adblue sensor calibration in Euro 6 TDI engines"
- new OCF specially for our Russian customers - folding mirror activation in new UDS Door Control Units
- PQ35 Power Steering Programmer recognizes now APA and ZF Power steerings automatically. Some characteristics for APA are available, too.
- new feature: BCM25 Programmer.

With BCM25 programmer you can change over 400 various BCM parameters, which are accessible only by direct memory access. You can change the lights behaviour, change the start-stop parameters, adapt timings, mask DTCs etc.

BCM25 units are installed in PQ25 Family (Polo 6R, Ibiza, Toledo, Skoda Fabia, Transporter T5 and similar)

Short video presentation: HERE

One note: for "DTC Masking" group enter '1' as value to mask the error, '0' will "unmask" it (default value)

As usual many interesting zdc files were uploaded to filemanager

PS. Visit our youtube channel -> LINK

NEWS DATA: 06-01-2015, 16:12

We are completely closed for Christmas / new year period until 5.01.2015. Answering to mails sent after 23.12.2014 will start 5.01.2015 Thanks for understanding !

           *             ,
                      <     >
     *                 /.-.\         *
              *        `/&\`                   *
                     /_o.I %_\    *
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            *    (`'--)_@ ;o %'()\      *
                /&*,()~o`;-.,_ `""`)
     *          /`,@ ;+& () o*`;-';\
               (`""--.,_0 +% @' &()\
               /-.,_    ``''--....-'`)  *
          *    /@%;o`:;'--,.__   __.'\
              ;*,&(); @ % &^;~`"`o;@();         *
              /(); o^~; & ().o@*&`;&%O\
        jgs   `"="==""==,,,.,="=="==="`
         '`         \)_`"""""`
                 .--' ')
               o(  )_-\

NEWS DATA: 10-11-2014, 11:26

VCP 3.7.7 ready for download:

- Full support for Passat B8, Skoda Fabia III. All controllers are covered, as well as basic settings, adaptations, text coding
- changing in flasher - workarounds for flashing Audi A6 C6 Magneti Marelli instrument clusters. Thanks for Christian K. for  help !
- other minor improvements.

NEWS DATA: 09-11-2014, 11:57

VCP 3.7.6 ready for download:

- new version of VIM file for Discover Pro (supports DAB slideshow now)
- OCF "Disabling ESP" works now with MK100 ESPs used in MQB Platform. It deactivates all ESP functions. Use on track only ;-). Feature requested by one of the customers.
- updates in OCF "MK60EC coding" - support for ESPs with extended identification
- new feature: Power Steering Programmer (PSP) - it can upload predefined power-steering characteristics to control unit. You can now have a Golf GTi - style power steering in your Golf 1.4 :)
- other minor changes.

... as usual many new zdc files uploaded (including 7N0 gateway upgrade for gateways which refuse disabling start/stop)

NEWS DATA: 31-10-2014, 18:50

VCP 3.7.5 ready for download:

- Updates in OCF "Disabling Start/Stop in MQB" - now it supports also Passat B7 with Gateways 7N0 (BIG thanks go to JMAutotechnik)
- updates in ZDC Uploader (now EOL-Config is fetched directly from Control Unit)
- bugfixing in A6 C7 ESP-Premium VIN Coding procedure

... as usual many new zdc files uploaded.

NEWS DATA: 14-10-2014, 19:57

VCP 3.7.4 ready for download:

- ZDC Uploader now supports 16 new EOL Configurations required for upload data to newest TP2.0 Control Units (incl. newest MMI revisions)
- New Checkbox in ZDC Uploader - "EraseFullMem". Tick it if you want to erase WHOLE configuration data from control unit (example: totally reconfiguring the unit) If you programming just part of the configuration (example VIM) untick it - rest of the config will be preserved.

... as usual many new zdc files uploaded.

NEWS DATA: 02-10-2014, 07:53

VCP 3.7.3 ready for download:

- full support for new Touareg 7P Facelift
support for new Gateway MQB generation A2
- now logging up to 32 measurement blocks is supported (thanks to TVS Engineering NL for a Tip)
- some changes in CAN Sniffer ;-)

... as usual many new zdc files uploaded.

NEWS DATA: 28-09-2014, 17:07

VCP 3.7.2 ready for download:

- improvements in ODX-Database handling (much faster loading data for BCMs MQB platform)
- improved smartcard access routines
- full support for new Skoda Fabia III (all UDS modules are covered)

New ZDC files uploaded to filemanager:

- golf7_pdc_5q0919294f_europe
- passatcc_3aa937087j_lampconfigeep - eeprom settings for EU/USA lamp configuration
- gateway_octavia_5q0907530Ax,R,S,T - PRCoder file for Octavia's gateways
- tiguan_tirepressure_3aa907273b,c,d
- golf7_driverdoor_5q0959593b,c
- eos_dcc_3c0907376a
- golf7_cameraSTGA5_5q0980653C_sw032+

... and more

as usual more features will follow, stay tuned :)

NEWS DATA: 24-09-2014, 10:44

VCP 3.7.1 ready for download:

- improvements in ZDC upload routines (support for transfer size >1024 bytes, some newer Discover Pro HeadUnits require this)

NEWS DATA: 10-09-2014, 19:53

VCP 3.7.0 ready for download:

- ODX database updated, added new variants for model year '15
- improved floating point calculations in ODX data decoding routines (fixed rounding bugs)
- OCF "ESP coding" is now able to write VIN into ESP8 Premium used in A6 C7 and A8 D4
- ZDC uploader now supports new, compressed datastreams required by some new MQB control units (like rearview camera made by Panasonic)
- other minor improvements

New ZDC files uploaded:

- A3 MQB Rearview camera
- a8_niveau_4g0907553
- touareg_lwr_7p6907357x
- golf7_AFS_7p6907357b
- RMC_AudiA1,Q3

NEWS DATA: 28-08-2014, 13:06

VCP 3.6.9 ready for download:
- Support new adresswords and service IDs for newest Passat B8 platform and Skoda Fabia III
- Full support for Lamborghini Huracan
Full support for Audi TT3 based on MQB platform
- support for 64bit address space used in new MQB Camera Modules  (thanks to Ben@GolfFans from Japan)
- logins found by LoginFinder are not hidden from user anymore.
- new "other-OCF" feature: WABCO Programmer.

"WABCO Programmer" is a Audi Adaptive Air Suspension configuration module. By manipulating in eeprom memory user has an access to advanced settings of AAS. You can now set level, speed in which level changes etc. You can now set the levels directly, using + and - values. Supported cars: Audi A6 4F and Audi A8 4E. Enhancement for Audi A6 C7/ A8 D4 under development.

new zdc files :
- A4PA_BCM2_8k0907064Bx,CQ,Dx
- 5F_RMC_AudiA6
- a6_bcm_4h0907063Bx,Cx,g,h,j,m,n
- Q5_suspensioncontrol_8k0907364a
- alhambra_5m0_xenon
- passat_5m0_xenon
- Touareg_8E_imageprocessor
- A6_ACC_Master_4G0907561A,B
- A5_BCM2_8k0907064Cx
- golf7_pdc_5q0919283a_4ch
- passat_b7_cameraA5_3aa980654D
- A3 MQB Kessy configuration
- ... and more

New firmware files:
- archive with gateway firmware - usable during RNS retrofits
- A6's BCM upgrade 4F0910279G -> N (usable for LED retrofits) + 4F0910279K

New PRCoder files:
- camera_tiguan_3aa980654D_sw0300
- camera_cc_3aa980654d
- ESP_caddy_1k0907379BH,BJ
- ... and more

One note: due to vacations (3 weeks) starting from 01.08.2014 some support-mail delays may occour. Sorry for any incovenience caused.

! Important note from 26.07.2014 !

If you updated VCP between 23.07 and 26.07 please do update again. ODX database was damaged during upload and some datas were incomplete.

NEWS DATA: 23-07-2014, 16:31

VCP 3.6.8 ready for download:

- Support for newest Golf 7 SportsVan
- protection in ZDC uploader against accidental upload to wrong controller. Now before upload you HAVE to select control unit to which data should be uploaded.

new zdc files :
- Q5 Suspension controller
- Golf 7 Kessy Antenna configuration
- A3 MQB Kessy configuration
- VW Jetta 5M0 Xenon Range controller parametrization
- ... and more

New modded firmware files:
- A4 EDC17CP14 105kw NO-DPF
- A4 EDC17CP14 125kw NO-DPF
- Passat EDC17C46 103kw NO-DPF
- Q5 EDC17CP14 125kw NO-DPF

NEWS DATA: 27-06-2014, 20:23

VCP 3.6.7 ready for download:

- ~1200 new ODX variants
- Support for newest Polo 2014 Facelift added (seems to be 1st in the world again :)
- new option in Up/Downloader - TransferBlocksize for better handling data up/downloads from various ECUs (example: MMI 3G EEPROM up/download requires TransferBlocksize of 8192 ; 8X1 door modules require TransferBlockSize of 1024, otherwise transfer will fail)
- introducing new Activator with integrated FileManagement. You can now easier find the right file, file descriptions and contents are added.
- new zdc files (inkl VIM for newest Polo 2014 FaceLift)

IMPORTANT NOTE: starting from this version (3.6.7) .zdc files downloaded from this website WILL NOT WORK ANYMORE. you have to use files downloaded by FileManager in Activator since files are individually crypted for a CardID. So files downloaded with a CardID 'A' will not work in another installation with CardID 'B'.
All existing users of VCP have granted access to all files as before. Starting from 01.06.2014 all VIM-related files will be removed from public. Of course old users will have still a possibility to use VIM-files, you'll just have to download new *VIM.zdc prepared for your key.
So if you need VCP just for VIM - hurry up.

NEWS DATA: 27-05-2014, 12:27

VCP 3.6.6 ready for download:

- ODX updated
- added some measurement groups descriptions
- other minor changes in flasher in diagnostic routines (thanks for Jiri Malec Autotechnik)

And some interesting .flash:

- golf_16tdi_77kw_eu3_pcr212_hs_.flash- EU3 (NO DPF !) modded firmware for Golf 1.6 TDI engine (Simos PCR 2.1.2). Use only with 77kw engines !

- 2.7tdi_132kw_DPF_manual.cry - remapped for manual transmission firmware for A6 2.7 TDI 132KW with DPF. Usable during multitronic-manual conversions when engine ECU recode to manual does not work

NEWS DATA: 12-04-2014, 15:13

VCP 3.6.5 ready for download:

- new OCF - Total deactivation of ESP functions in MK60EC1 ESP Module. It works with all MK60 ESPs including these installed in all Golf R (MK6). Function uses special engineering mode built-in ESP (coding is not changed) and guarantees, that ESP will not interfere at all. Of course you can reactivate all functions back.
- new OCF - deactivation of Start-Stop function in MQB Cars (Golf VII, A3 8V, Octavia 3, Leon 3 etc)

Some new zdc files for download:

- A4FL_BCM1_8K0907063Ax,Dx.zdc - do you want to retrofit the 4/8 Channel partronic to your A4 Facelift ?  Then this file is for you :)
- a8_bcm1_4h0907063a,Bx,Cx,D,H,J,K,L.zdc - converting Audi A8 from USA to EU-Market ? Use this file to program BCM1 for using EU-Headlights.

And some interesting .flash:

- 8K0907063AL_0103 upgradefrom063Ax,Dx.cry - upgrades A4 BCM1 8K0.907.063Ax,Dx to newest release

- caddy_75kw_eu3_pcr212_hs.flash - EU3 (NO DPF !) modded firmware to Caddy 3 75kw Simos PCR2.1.4. Tested with 2010 and 2011 caddys with DPF and 1.6 TDi 75kW engine. DO NOT use in 55kW 1.6 tdi due to PowerClass mismatch. Just flash it using flasher and DPF functions will  be removed. No need to remove ECU :) Instructions:

- Triple check if your engine is 75kW
- Write down actual coding
- Flash the file using flasher
- Change original coding to "No DPF" (Byte 2 Bit 6 cleared) and "No Start-Stop" (byte 6 bit 7 cleared) and code ECU
- Inform your local authority, that your caddy is not EU5 compliant anymore (to pay bigger tax) (optional)

NEWS DATA: 01-04-2014, 14:43

VCP 3.6.4 ready for download:

- improvements in HexEditor (better handling of 16k upload blocks)
- bugfixing of zdc uploader (connection errors with A5 Front Sensor Array fixed)

Example video how to downgrade 8X0 door control unit in Audi A1 from 8X0.959.793H to 793E (to retrofit folding mirrors) HERE

NEWS DATA: 16-03-2014, 18:44

VCP 3.6.3 ready for download:

- Base data updated (odx data, texts etc)
- new option "Range scanner" in UDS Calibration - you can now scan ranges of calibration IDs ("Adaptation channels") to make an "ECU Map" (TM VCDS). You can use it to compare the parametrization between units etc
- New .mempatch file format for ZDC uploader - usable for creating the memory patch files (feature proposed by
- other minor improvements

New features are presented on video -> HERE
The .mempatch template file -> HERE - just open it with regular text editor. The contents are (I hope!) self-explanatory.

As usual new zdc files to download:

- passatcc_5m0_xenon.zdc- Xenon 5M0 configuration data for Passat CC (Facelift) Repairs "wrong dataset"  after software update.
- A1_passengerDoor_8x0959792b,d,e,f,g,h.zdc - configuration data for Door module (passenger's side) from Audi A1
- A1_DriverDoor_8x0959793b,d,e,f,g,h.zdc - configuration data for Door module (driver's side) from Audi A1
- golf7_cameraSTGA5_5q0980653,A,B,C.zdc - configuration data for Front sensor array (camera) in Golf VII. File contains among others traffic signs definitions for Europe, Japan and Rest Of World. Usable when retrofitting / reimports etc.
- A7_BCM2_4h0907064Bx,Cx,Dx,Ex.zdc - another configuration data for BCM2 module in A7. Useful during US<>EU conversions and/or retrofitting LED taillights

NEWS DATA: 11-03-2014, 14:25

VCP 3.6.2 ready for download:

- Bug ("0A not valid integer") in Measurement Graph fixed.
- New button in "login" window (marked with ...). You can now load the stored logins found by LoginFinder (*.logins) file manually.
- other minor improvements

As usual new zdc files to download:

- A3_8v_eph.zdc - configuration data for 4/8 channel parktronic in A3 8V. Repairs "wrong dataset"  after software update.
- A4PA_BCM2_8k0907065Ax,Bx,Cx,M,N.zdc - configuration data for BCM2 module in A4 Facelift. Useful during US<>EU conversions and/or retrofitting LED taillights
- Q5PA_bcm2_8k0907064Cx,Ex,Fx,Gx,Hx,Jx.zdc - configuration data for BCM2 module in Q5 Facelift. Useful during US<>EU conversions and/or retrofitting LED taillights

NEWS DATA: 20-02-2014, 12:47

VCP 3.6.1 ready for download:

- Updated UDS Measurement Data Reading - added quick search for RecordID, sorting etc
- "Gateway List" function works now with MQB Gateways. You can recode the gateway directly in "Gateway List" window.
- New feature: "login finder", available under "sec.Access". You can scan the connected ECU for login codes.
- other minor improvements

Short manual how to use the Login Finder HERE

As usual new zdc files to download:

- A7_bcm2_4h0907064Ax.zdc - The configuration data for Audi A7 BCM2. Useful for USA<>EU taillights conversion
- BOSE_Q7.zdc - configuration data for Bose Amplifier designed for Audi Q7. Repairs "wrong dataset" error after MMI upgrade

NEWS DATA: 03-02-2014, 23:23

VAG CAN PROFESSIONAL (VCP) is an USB Interface. Interface is designed for programming and diagnostics of electronic components in VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda models from 1990 to 2010.Vag Can Pro System is systematically developed and as a part of that process "One-Click-Functions" new procedures are added.. The objective is to simplify and automate more complicated service operations . By just a few clicks without a necessity of searching information in technical service documentation user is able to conduct useful procedures easily and quickly.

read more is an authorized website for world presentation of VAG CAN PROFESSIONAL products.


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