• VCP 5.0 is ready to rollout.

    A long awaited VCP 5.0 is ready to rollout.

    VCP 5.0 for existing (with already activated VCP) users is ready for rollout.


    1. create a new directory (example: c:\vcp5)
    2. download new activator and put to directory created in point 1
    3. connect your cable/dongle , run activator and detect card. Activator will display New (XXXXXXXXX) and old (YYYYYY) serials (XXXXXXXXXXXX/YYYYYYYY) respectively. Send both serials together with your vcp-forum nick to support email with update authorization request.
    4. When your card will be authorized, connection to server will start the card update process. After update phase is finished, you will have to re-activate the card. 
    5. restart activator and reconnect to server - card data will be updated
    6. If you have an V2.0 interface - perform Interface update.
    7. Download remaining files using Download I and Download II buttons
    8. Re-download your .zdc, .cry, .flash files from filemanager

    Video with the update process:

    - Once your card is updated to V5, there's NO way back to pre-V5
    - On V5+ we will work ONLY with "long" serial numbers. After Smartcard update to revision 0200 only "long" SN will be displayed.
    - all your activated optional features, zdc accesses etc will be preserved in V5.0

    What is new:

    - VCP scripter - small script interpreter which will introduce the simple scripting language for coding/adapting control units. Short manual together with example scripts is downloadable from

    - full support for A4 B9
    - extended support for new Touran (including dataset upload v2) 
    - extended support for Caddy 4 (like above)
    - New Iface v2.0 firmware (0A.03) contains fix for flashing problems reported by some users - for some gateways flash speed was too "fast" what caused write errors. just reset settings in VCP or set flashblockdelay parameter to 1 or more. bigger delay = slower flash.

    - many new parameter files (including MIB generation 2 3V0/3G0 VIM files for users with VIM addon) - new group "newest files" is defined, contact support for access.

  • VCP 4.0.3 ready to download



    - New firmware 0A.02 / 0B.02 for v2.0 Interfaces - dramatic flash speed improvement in UDS and TP2.0 protocols. 7N0.907.530.Ax flash takes now 10 minutes (vs 18 minutes). PCR2.1 flash       time is 8 minutes now !


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  • VCP 4.0.2 released

    VCP 4.0.2 is released


    - full support for newest Audi Q7 II (MLB Platform) - adaptations / coding / Parameter upload
    - full support for newest VW Touran (MQB Platform) - adaptations / coding / Parameter upload
    - DCC parameter upload supports fully VW Sharan now
    - Transport Mode deactivation supports now MQB/MLB platforms (Feature requested by some dealers)
    - BCM Programmer supports now ~150 parameters of BCM PQ35 (Golf, Passat, TT3).

    - You can change many interesting parameters, like rear spoiler control for Audi TT and more.

  • VCP 4.0.0 Released

    Long awaited VCP 4.0.0 ready for download:


    - Full support for newest Skoda Superb III (MQB) - adaptations / coding / Parameter upload

    - Full support for new Interfaces v 2.0
    - Support for new crypted Parameter sets (introduced in new Audi RS3) in Parameter Uploader
    - Improvements in Flasher
    - preliminary support for new incoming BMW Coder (BEP - BimmerEthernetPro) - F01,F1x,F3x Chassis with onboard Ethernet diagnose interface. Testers are welcome.

  • VCP 3.8.2 ready for download

    VCP 3.8.2 ready for download:

    - added backward compatibilty with interfaces V040B and V0202. VCP 3.8.2+ will work with this cables, however it is highly recommended to upgrade cable the V040C / V0203

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  • VCP 3.8.1 ready for download

    VCP 3.8.1 ready for download:

    - improved CAN Routines and error detection on CAN BUS.
    - improved overall stability

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  • VCP ready for download

    VCP ready for download:

    - due to stability problems on some PCs internal Virtual Machine reverted to previous version introduced in 3.7.8

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  • VCP 3.8.0 ready for download

    VCP 3.8.0 ready for download:

    - completely rewritten ODX-Database routines. Now the database is 50% smaller in size without loosing any functionality. Datas were updated, too. IMPORTANT: please delete all files under "labfiles" subdirectory before updating to 3.8.0
    - OCF "Clearing inspection message" supports now all UDS Instrument Clusters.

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  • VCP 3.7.9 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.9 ready for download:

    - OCF "Disabling ESP" supports now : ESP 8.2 from Polo Family (requested by one company which prepares cars for motorsport) and new MQB MK100 ESP control units with new security (requested by customers from Finland)

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  • VCP 3.7.8 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.8 ready for download:

    - Once again ODX update (new ECU variants)
    - OCF "DPF Emergency Regeneration" supports now 4.2 TDI dual-ECU engines
    - improvements in Flasher - better handling large blocks, support for CAN muting during Flash programming

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  • VCP 3.7.7 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.7 ready for download:

    - Full support for Passat B8, Skoda Fabia III. All controllers are covered, as well as basic settings, adaptations, text coding

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  • VCP 3.7.6 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.6 ready for download:

    - new version of VIM file for Discover Pro (supports DAB slideshow now)
    - OCF "Disabling ESP" works now with MK100 ESPs used in MQB Platform. It deactivates all ESP functions. Use on track only ;-). Feature requested by one of the customers.

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  • VCP 3.7.5 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.5 ready for download:

    - Updates in OCF "Disabling Start/Stop in MQB" - now it supports also Passat B7 with Gateways 7N0 (BIG thanks go to JMAutotechnik)
    - updates in ZDC Uploader (now EOL-Config is fetched directly from Control Unit)

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  • VCP 3.7.4 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.4 ready for download:

    - ZDC Uploader now supports 16 new EOL Configurations required for upload data to newest TP2.0 Control Units (incl. newest MMI revisions)

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  • VCP 3.7.3 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.3 ready for download:

    - full support for new Touareg 7P Facelift
    - support for new Gateway MQB generation A2

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  • VCP 3.7.2 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.2 ready for download:

    - improvements in ODX-Database handling (much faster loading data for BCMs MQB platform)
    - improved smartcard access routines
    - full support for new Skoda Fabia III (all UDS modules are covered)

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  • VCP 3.7.1 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.1 ready for download:

    - improvements in ZDC upload routines (support for transfer size >1024 bytes, some newer Discover Pro HeadUnits require this)


  • VCP 3.7.0 ready for download

    VCP 3.7.0 ready for download:

    - ODX database updated, added new variants for model year '15
    - improved floating point calculations in ODX data decoding routines (fixed rounding bugs)
    - OCF "ESP coding" is now able to write VIN into ESP8 Premium used in A6 C7 and A8 D4

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  • VCP 3.6.9 ready for download

    VCP 3.6.9 ready for download:

    - Support new adresswords and service IDs for newest Passat B8 platform and Skoda Fabia III
    - Full support for Lamborghini Huracan
    - Full support for Audi TT3 based on MQB platform
    - support for 64bit address space used in new MQB Camera Modules (thanks to Ben@GolfFans from Japan)
    - logins found by LoginFinder are not hidden from user anymore.
    - new "other-OCF" feature: WABCO Programmer.

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  • VCP 3.6.8 ready for download

    VCP 3.6.8 ready for download:

    - Support for newest Golf 7 SportsVan
    - protection in ZDC uploader against accidental upload to wrong controller. Now before upload you HAVE to select control unit to which data should be uploaded.

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  • VCP 3.6.7 ready for download

    VCP 3.6.7 ready for download:

    - ~1200 new ODX variants
    - Support for newest Polo 2014 Facelift added (seems to be 1st in the world again :)
    - new option in Up/Downloader - TransferBlocksize for better handling data up/downloads from various ECUs (example:

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  • VCP 3.6.6 ready for download

    VCP 3.6.6 ready for download:

    - ODX updated
    - added some measurement groups descriptions
    - other minor changes in flasher in diagnostic routines (thanks for Jiri Malec Autotechnik)

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  • VCP 3.6.5 ready for download

    VCP 3.6.5 ready for download:

    - new OCF - Total deactivation of ESP functions in MK60EC1 ESP Module. It works with all MK60 ESPs including these installed in all Golf R (MK6). Function uses special engineering mode built-in ESP (coding is not changed) and guarantees, that ESP will not interfere at all. Of course you can reactivate all functions back.

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    VAG CAN PROFESSIONAL (VCP) is an USB Interface. Interface is designed for programming and diagnostics of electronic components in VW, Audi, Seat, and Skoda models from 1990 to 2015. Vag Can Pro System is systematically developed and as a part of that process "One-Click-Functions" new procedures are added.. The objective is to simplify and automate more complicated service operations . By just a few clicks without a necessity of searching information in technical service documentation user is able to conduct useful procedures easily and quickly

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