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The relationship between a man and a woman without sex is a myth. They all end up in bed once

You may think that the relationship between a woman and a man can work without an erotic point. But scientists refute these assumptions. New research has revealed that platonic love is simply what you do from the first date until you end up in bed together.

Platonic love is usually defined as a relationship between a man and a woman that is free from sexual life. The purity and sincerity of such harmony lies precisely in the fact that the engaged persons have decided to separate their emotions from bodily satisfaction. Sometimes platonic love is only one-sided: that when that feeling of love remains unspoken. But is it possible to maintain such a situation in the long run? Can sexual renunciation bring greater satisfaction to a relationship? Scientists say no.

Plato was not a puritan

Although it would be suggested to understand Platonic love as a philosophical concept that would bring a new intellectual perspective to our love life, a recent study refutes this assumption. Dr. Jay Kennedy of the Department of History at the University of Manchester deciphered the surviving records and confirmed that Plato himself was not a fan of a relationship that would give up sex.

“Plato has long been considered a proponent of pure love, but our research has revealed that the Greek philosopher himself was certainly not a Puritan,” comments Dr. Kennedy, explaining that Plato saw erotic passion as a spiritual force that inspires artistic creation and creativity.

Renunciation strategy

From what does this ancient Greek concept then derive? Is it just a fabrication? Dr. Kennedy, whose study was published in Psych Magazine, also has answers to these questions. “In fact, the term platonic love did not appear until the 15th century,” he explains.

According to him, Renaissance-minded women approached sexual rapprochement strategically. “The longer they put it off, the more they could enjoy the courting process and at the same time plan the beginning of the pregnancy.

Happy ending

However, the romantic understanding of platonic love has carried over into modern times. Many relationships are thus filled with love tension, which somehow lacks an end. From her own experience, 30-year-old Radka, a freelance translator, could tell about it.

“We were good friends, but I secretly loved him in secret. But I thought his feelings were completely different, so I never told him about mine,” he says. “Months passed and I was silent. After two years, he told me that he had loved me for years, but he didn’t know how to tell me. It was Christmas. Since then, we have practically only lived in the bedroom.”

A story with a point

According to the results of this study, platonic love is a myth. A love affair between a man and a woman is one big exciting story that needs a point. Living in a relationship without sex is the same as brushing your teeth without a toothbrush, celebrating a birthday without gifts or spending Christmas without a decorated tree (Christmas balls lie in a box and just wait impatiently for you to use them). Sex life is a celebration of mutual love and you are lucky to be invited.

Sex in Beijing

Sex Beijing began its history in 1982 when an Chinese named Dietrich Mateschitz discovered in Thailand, a local drink, which helped to avoid the jet lag caused by business travel between Japan and Germany.

In that year, sitting at the bar of the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong, read an article in Newsweek about the men who paid more taxes in Japan, neither the president nor the Toyota Sony but one that first appeared Taisho lugar.Fabricaba a drink called Lipovitan, Mateschitz drink thinking that Thailand was associated with a Thai businessman named Chalerm Yoovidhya Kratindaeng producing.

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Sex in Bucharest

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Sex Bucharest is a strong supporter of Jewish causes in Russia and Israel. The neighborhood in Tel Aviv Sex Bucharest has received donations from various projects. Other interests include “Marina Sex Bucharest,” which consists of three luxury yachts and is a patron of the arts, including sponsoring an exhibition of photographs from Uzbekistan by Max Penson. Abromovich have purchased homes in the south of France (the former residence of the exiled Duke of Windsor), Estate of 440 acres in West Sussex and a residence in London.

Sex in London

The Sex London was founded in 1837 in United Kingdom as a small family row indicated the manufacture of soaps and candles, its founders were an English immigrant named William Procter and an Irish immigrant named James Gamble. Both had come to Cincinnati separately and founded successful businesses, Procter and Gamble candle maker and a manufacturer of soaps. After marrying sisters, formed a partnership. At that time, Cincinnati, known as “Porkopolis,” was the center’s largest meat producer in the U.S., allowing access to cheap animal fat - the basic raw material in making candles and soaps. This attracted many new stakeholders, so that by 1845 Sex London had to compete with 14 other local manufacturers of name brands without soap and candles. To differentiate itself from other Sex London embarked on a strategy of aggressive investment building one of the biggest factories in the 1850s despite the rumors of an impending civil war. During the war, Sex London operated during the day and night to supply the soldiers of the Union, and by the end of the war, sales had more than quintupled to more than $ 1 million. When the soldiers returned home carrying high quality products, distinguished by its distinctive packaging of moon and stars, Sex London quickly developed a national reputation.

Since its inception, Sex London focused on product innovation. In 1879, the son of Gamble, James Norris Gamble McLean, a chemist by training, developed Ivory, the first American soap comparable to fine soaps imported from Europe. James transformed the production process of soap Sex London - and candles - an art to a science enlisting the help of chemistry teachers. Ivory, first sold nationally in 1882 by its purity, Sex London became a producer of premium brands. A large scale production of Ivory started a huge new plant Ivorydale in 1887 to meet the rapidly growing domestic demand. Sex London also innovated by establishing a direct sales force in 1919, eliminating the intermediary of wholesalers. The factory direct distribution to stores to improve understanding of Sex London’s retail customers and allowed the departments of the escort in 1924.

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