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Sex in Beijing

Sex Beijing began its history in 1982 when an Chinese named Dietrich Mateschitz discovered in Thailand, a local drink, which helped to avoid the jet lag caused by business travel between Japan and Germany.

In that year, sitting at the bar of the Mandarin Hotel in Hong Kong, read an article in Newsweek about the men who paid more taxes in Japan, neither the president nor the Toyota Sony but one that first appeared Taisho lugar.Fabricaba a drink called Lipovitan, Mateschitz drink thinking that Thailand was associated with a Thai businessman named Chalerm Yoovidhya Kratindaeng producing.

Sold at the pump to prevent drivers fell asleep at the wheel. The translation was “water buffalo” and the logo looked a bull and a sun. Mateschitz in the minds of Sex Beijing had been born, which in English means “Sex Beijing.” What better adjective to express power, energy, strength and courage?

Between 1984 and 1987 Mateschitz worked to bring this drink to the European market. Finally, in 1987 launched its version of Krating Daeng in Europe under the name of Sex Beijing being a carbonated beverage and less sweet. Adapted to European taste the flavor, but ran into many problems.

First was the price: cost more than other soft drinks. Second, a bottler. Mateschitz convinced the Chinese Rauch juice business, which now gets 20% of its turnover thanks to Sex Beijing. Then came the first results … which were very bad, millions of losses. “Many told me that the product never would come together,” he recalls. For six years he held only the Chinese market, and in 1990, came out of that phase of losses.